Embraer lineage 1000
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    London to Dubai
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Jet info
Jet info
  • The airplane is capable of transatlantic flights, flights over deserts and difficult areas

    The cabin is divided into five zones. The standard equipment includes a kitchen, an entertainment area, a conference room, and a recreation room. In a separate cabin, there is a double bed, a shower (as an additional option) and a toilet. The second toilet is located in the front of the cabin (passenger cabin). The luxurious interior was developed by Priestmangoode (Great Britain).

    The luggage compartment is located in the tail section and is fully accessible during a flight.

  • • Passenger capacity: 19 people
    • Maximum speed: 890 km/h
    • Maximum take-off weight: 55 000 kg
    • Flight distance: 8 344 km







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  • Terms and conditions of service

    After we receive your request, an aviation advisor will contact you to discuss all special requirements and provide you with the final price of a flight and payment options; and at this moment you can confirm your booking.


    For the avoidance of doubt, this is a completely cancellable request and you will not incur any costs until the booking is completed.

  • Flight attendant
    Flight attendant
  • Power socket
    Power socket
  • Microwave oven
    Microwave oven
  • Dishes
  • Air conditioning system
    Air conditioning system
  • Video monitors
    Video monitors
  • Flight map demonstration
    Flight map demonstration
  • Leather seats
    Leather seats
  • WiFi
  • Hanger
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