Challenger 300 (350)
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Jet info
Jet info
  • The most maneuverable and reliable business aviation airplane

    Other advantages include a high cruising speed (850 km/h) and low fuel consumption (it increases flight distance (range).

    Challenger 300 is not just a high-speed aircraft, but also the embodiment of unique comfort and high quality. The wide cabin accommodating up to 8 passengers allows passenger to stand at full height.

  • • Passenger capacity: 8-9 people
    • Maximum speed: 870 km/h
    • Maximum take-off weight: 17 622 kg
    • Flight distance: 5 676 km

The above flight price is approximate and is not guaranteed.

  • Terms and conditions of service

    After we receive your request, an aviation advisor will contact you to discuss all special requirements and provide you with the final price of a flight and payment options; and at this moment you can confirm your booking.


    For the avoidance of doubt, this is a completely cancellable request and you will not incur any costs until the booking is completed.

  • Flight attendant
    Flight attendant
  • Power socket
    Power socket
  • Microwave oven
    Microwave oven
  • Dishes
  • Air conditioning system
    Air conditioning system
  • Video monitors
    Video monitors
  • Flight map demonstration
    Flight map demonstration
  • Leather seats
    Leather seats
  • WiFi
  • Hanger
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